The Maccus Group specializes in executive search and acquisition, recruiting, business consulting and energy management services.


Having been counselor, consultant, executive coach and dispute resolution mediator for C-level executives our team uses those same proven technical skills and relational talents to not only hear but to understand the uniquely complex struggles each company has when striving to acquire C-level talent. We do not find you a 'good fit' or the 'right match' like most search firms promise. Rather we 'stream' to you exceptional executives who will surpass your expectations.       


Whether you are in a stagnant job and seeking a career change or forced into a job transition by unplanned circumstances, our recruiting specialists are here to partner with you. Our goal is to ensure you and your resume are revitalized and prepared to be channeled into your next career stream. In today's job search climate sometimes you just need that extra endorsement which our team can offer. 


Our subject matter experts are highly accomplished in their respective fields. We do not only offer your company new solutions to old issues, we work as your corporate ally, offering you new vantage points to help you navigate through the implementation of new solutions. 



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